According to many popular television shows, becoming a homicide detective results in an exciting career, filled with many cases and an ever-growing flow of problems to solve. For those who are problem solvers and enjoy mystery, a career as a homicide detective may be the right choice. You may be wondering just how to become a homicide detective, so here are a few suggestions.

First, be aware of the duties of the career.  Homicide detectives investigate deaths and criminal activities that lead to deaths. They are concerned with solving a puzzle and locking up those that are responsible for this serious crime. This includes finding and gathering evidence, having a knowledge of current laws, and preparing court documents to prosecute the guilty.

If you want to know how to become a homicide detective, you will need to be certified in a few different areas. A law enforcement certificate allows you to have the skills necessary to become a homicide detective and will be your first step you need to take. Besides getting necessary certification, many homicide detectives earn a bachelors degree, which allows them extra certification and may grant them a higher status than other officers without it.

Many current detectives who wanted to know how to become a homicide detective started out their careers in other areas of law enforcement. This may have included being part of a patrol division and joining the police force. Some have even spent years volunteering at their local station in order to get their foot in the door to a relatively competitive field.

Becoming a homicide detective can be challenging work, but many find it rewarding and exciting. You will be exposed to many different situations and it will involve using critical thinking skills, but all of that will be worth it when you finally solve your first case.